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Welcome to the Visas, Immigration and Citizenship page of the Australian Embassy, Ankara website. Australia has moved to a global visa processing system; this means that your application may be processed by any office of the Department of Home Affairs.

The Embassy does not respond to enquiries about visas, citizenship by descent or provide visa application updates. This ensures that our resources are focused on processing applications as quickly as possible.

Please do not call the Australian Embassy, Ankara or any of our Consulates with visa or citizenship enquiries. They are unable to answer questions and will advise you to call the Department of Home Affairs Global Service Centre (GSC). Further information on how to contact the GSC is available in the Contact Us section below.

The best way to find out information about Visas, Immigration and Citizenship is by visiting the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs Global Service Centre on +61 2 6196 0196, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm local time in your country, or via their contact page.

What's New

Australia's Humanitarian Program

There is unprecedented demand for places in Australia's Humanitarian Program. Unfortunately, the demand for places far exceeds the number of places available and most applications which are not referred by UNHCR or proposed by an immediate family member are refused.

Emailed visa applications are not accepted for processing and we do not respond to pre lodgement enquiries. A Humanitarian visa application can only be accepted if posted or couriered to the Embassy and only when the request includes a completed Form 842. Further information on Australia’s Humanitarian Program and Form 842 is located on the department's website: Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

If you have an urgent protection need, please approach UNHCR in your current country of residence. UNHCR are in the best position to assess a person's protection needs and provide you with assistance and guidance. Please note that recognition of refugee status does not necessarily mean that you will be referred for resettlement.

آگاهی برای اتباع افغانستان   درخواست های ویزا که از طریق ایمیل فرستاده شده باشند پذیرفته نمی شوند. برای معلومات بیشتر در مورد گزینه های ویزا برای اتباع افغانستان و طریقه درست ارائه کردن درخواست قابل اعتبار برای ویزا ، لطفاً اینجا را ببینید: Afghanistan Update.


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