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Notarial Services

Notarial Services for Australians Overseas

Our Embassy and Consulates provide a range of notarial services which can be done in person or via post, however, please note that certain notarial services must be done by in-person appointment only.

All services have a fee - see here.

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Overview of Notarial Services


In-person only:

  • Witnessing the signatures on Australian forms
  • Witnessing Commonwealth and State statutory declarations
  • Witnessing notices of intended marriage
  • Buying or selling property or land in Australia
  • Witnessing and taking of affidavits, oaths, or affirmations relating to Australian documents, or foreign documents to be used in Australia.
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)


By post or in person:

  • Authentications and apostilles (check with us first)
  • Certifying documents


Notarial Services via post 

If the notarial service does not require you to appear in person, please contact us at [email protected] with a description of the service you need. We will advise you whether this document can have an apostille or authentication applied and we will inform you of the relevant fee.

Once you have been received approval from us, you can send the original documents to the Embassy by registered mail or courier, with your return address and contact information. We will return your original documents to you along with the notarised ones.

Notarial service fees change due to exchange rate fluctuations. Once we advise you that we have received your original documents, you must transfer the relevant notarial fees to our Embassy account. Please include your full name as the reference for the bank transfer, so we are able to identify your payment.


Postal address:


ATT: Consular and Passports - Notarials

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Uğur mumcu caddesi

MNG binasi No:88 Kat:7

Gaziosmanpasa Cankaya

ANKARA, Türkiye


How to book an appointment

Please bring the relevant form(s) with you and a valid photo ID that includes your signature (passport, driver’s licence or photo ID-card).

Appointments for Notarial Services can be made at the closest location for you out of our three locations in Turkey, by clicking below:

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore for the Australian Embassy, Ankara

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore for the Australian Consulate, Istanbul

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore for the Australian Consulate, Canakkale

Privacy Policy

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) uses third-party software (Setmore) to manage the Embassy's appointments.  Your personal information (including your name and contact details) will be collected by DFAT via Setmore to book your appointment and for related purposes.  By proceeding with this booking, you are consenting to the collection of this information by Setmore on DFAT's behalf for these purposes.  If this information is not collected, DFAT's ability to arrange your appointment will be limited.  Your personal information will be handled by Setmore in accordance with Setmore's Privacy Policy, and by DFAT in accordance with DFAT's Privacy Policy.


Types of Notarial Services

Apostilles and Authentications

The apostille or authentication certificate verifies the signature, stamp, or seal on the original document, or that of the Notary Public for documents they've notarised.

  • We can't advise you whether you need an apostille or an authetication - so make sure you check with the receiving authority.
  • We provide apostilles on documents issued by Australian state/territory Registries of Births Deaths and Marriages, Court documents (including Divorce certificates), Police Checks, Education Institution documents and other documents issued by Australian Government departments (Note: we cannot issue an apostille on a document that has been tampered, altered, or otherwise damaged - this includes documents that have been laminated).
  • Find more information on Smartraveller.
  • You can have this service done face to face or by mail. However, if using mail, please contact us first - see above.

Certifying true copies of documents

At the Embassy we can certify photographs and true copies of original documents. We will photocopy your documents and apply the following certification: "This is a true copy of the document presented to me". These are DFAT approved words and cannot change.

  • The documents must be Australian, or documents that will be used in Australia. We can't advise you which documents need to be certified so make sure you check that with receiving authority.
  • Find more information on Smartraveller.
  • You can have this service done face to face or by mail 


Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI)

If you're going overseas to get married, you may need a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI). Authorities overseas may ask for a CNI to prove you're free to marry. The Embassy can issue CNIs.

You may also need to legalise the CNI so check with the receiving authority if you need verification.

  • Download and complete the application form for a certificate of no impediment to marriage (CNI).
  • Please read the full information on CNIs on Smartraveller.
  • Present your passport and originals of your future spouse’s ID + marriage/divorce papers (if applicable).
  • All foreign language documents must be accompanied by an official English translation.
  • You need to book an appointment. We recommend an early morning appointment so you have time to submit the CNI to the relevant authorities in Ankara the same day.​
  • You may also find the information on the following like useful, especially regarding recognition of foreign marriages in Australia: Smartraveller: Getting Married Overseas

Affidavits (Oaths and Affirmations)

An affidavit is a legally binding statement of fact used as evidence in court or other legal proceedings. The person making the affidavit must swear an oath (a religious statement) or make an affirmation (a non-religious statement) that the contents of the affidavit are true and correct. 

  • It is your responsibility to provide the document in the correct form and any additional witnessing/administering instructions. We take no responsibility for the correctness of the form of an affidavit.
  • At the Embassy, only a diplomatic officer can assist with the affidavit.
  • You need to book an appointment.
  • Find more information on Smartraveller.
  • All foreign language documents must be accompanied by an official English translation. If you do not speak English, you will need to be accompanied by an approved interpreter. 

Statutory declaration

A statutory declaration is a statement of fact(s) that you declare to be true. It can be used as evidence. Please complete the statutory declaration and have it ready for an officer to witness your signature at the Australian Embassy. Do not sign until you are at the Embassy in front of a witness.

  • For a copy of a blank statutory declaration form, please visit here.
  • You need to book an appointment.


Selling or buying property in Australia

You must provide the instructions from your legal representative in Australia prior to attending interview at the Embassy.  Your conveyancer can email us those instructions directly, or you can print out the instructions and bring them with you if you have already received them.

  • You need to book an appointment.

Notarial Services Disclaimer

Please ensure that documents relating to the notarial services you require from the Australian Embassy, Ankara are presented in the correct form and that you provide the correct instructions for the notarial service you require. If you are unsure of the legislative requirements relating to the notarial service you require, you should seek independent legal advice. Please note that neither the Australian Government nor the Australian Embassy in Ankara guarantees the legal effectiveness of the notarised document or the accuracy of its content. Fees paid for notarial services are non-refundable.

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