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Applying by post: PC8 Child Renewal

Applying by post: PC8 Child Renewal 


The Australian Embassy in Ankara is now accepting passport renewal applications via mail for some clients across Turkiye, Georgia and Azerbaijan that meet certain criteria. If you do not meet this criteria, we will have to return your application to you and schedule a face-to-face appointment at the Embassy. This may delay your application.

The option to make an appointment and come into our Embassy or Consulate to renew a passport in person remains. We expect this may be preferable for clients who are in a hurry to get their passports or are worried about issues with the postal system. The benefit of coming in person is that our staff can correct any errors with you on the spot, rather than going back and forward through the post. However, for some clients travelling long distances to get to Ankara or Istanbul, this may be preferrable for you.

Please check the eligibility below carefully - contact us first if you have concerns at [email protected]   


Eligibility for PC8 mail-in applications

Child passport renewal applications (PC8) can be mailed-in provided the applicant is: 

  • aged 15 years old or younger, and
  • has held a previous passport

If you can answer yes to both of the above, you can follow the instructions below.

For first-time child applications and applicants aged 16 or 17, the application must be lodged in person by appointment only:

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore for the Australian Embassy, Ankara

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore for the Australian Consulate, Istanbul

Urgent Travel

If you have urgent travel, it may be quickest to lodge in person - please contact us for further advice at [email protected]   



Instructions for Child renewal application (PC8) by mail

1. Get the PC8 form online

  • Go to to get the application form and fill it in online.
  • The application must be lodged within six months of completion - an expiration date appears at the top of the form.


2.  Get Photos

  • Please include a minimum of two recent identical colour photos, less than six months old with your full name written on the back of one photo.
  • The Embassy recommends sending at least three photos to ensure there is a spare if one is damaged in transit.
  • A guarantor must endorse the back of one photo by writing ‘This is a true photo of [the child’s full name]’ and signed in black pen.
  • Check our guidance on who you can use to be a guarantor here.
  • The default in Turkiye for passport photos is 5x5 – this does not meet the Australian standards: please check the photo guidelines.
  • The Embassy recommends giving these guidelines to a professional photographer.
  • Make sure the photographer uses high quality, glossy paper. 
  • Please advise the photographer not to 'photo shop' the image, as the system can detect this and your photos will likely be rejected and you will need to resubmit fresh ones. Photos taken in automatic photo booths will also likely be rejected. 
  • Photos that do not meet the guidelines cannot be accepted and this will delay your application considerably.
  • Do not attach the photos to the form as this may damage them, leave them loose in the envelope.
  • Religious head coverings should be plain, unpatterned and of one color, and should be worn from under the chin to the top of the forehead to show your face. The edges of your face on both sides must also be visible.


3.  Provide parents' proof of identity

  • Please provide copies of both* parents’ identity documents that show their:

    1. Parent's current name(s)
    (e.g. Australian driver licence, passport, credit card, health card etc.)

    2. Parent's photo(s)
    (e.g. current Australian driver’s licence, passport, Australian or foreign residency ID card etc.)

    3. Parent's signature(s)
    (e.g. current Australian driver’s licence, passport, Australian or foreign residency ID card etc.)

    4. Parent's current address(es)
    (e.g. utility bill, e-devlet print out from the Popluation Ministry - Nüfus Müdürlüğü)

    5. Parent's name change(s) (if applicable)
    If the current names of either parent are different to how they appear on the child’s birth certificate, please include certified documents that explain the change of name. See here for more information.

    6. Parent's marriage certificate / evliligi cuzdani  (if applicable)

    *Both parents means those with parental responsibility for the child who signed section 17 on the application form

    Photocopies do not need to be certified.

4. Print the application form

  • Print your application on plain white A4 paper.
  • Make sure your form has printed in full and isn't cut off at the top or bottom of the page.
  • US standard letter paper or US legal paper sizes are also acceptable, but only if they’re scaled properly.
  • Refer to more information on printing your application form.

5. Sign the application form

  • Children 10 years or older must provide a signature unless there is a medical reason or disability that prevents them from signing.
  • It is very important that the signature is included on the application in strict accordance with the guidelines.
  • The entire signature must be kept inside the white box provided on the form. 
  • The signature must be dated within six months of lodgement and must be in black ink
  • Do not alter the signature or the date.
  • Do not use white out on the signature or the date.
  • If you make a mistake, or it was dated more than six months before lodgement reprint the form.
  • Make sure your place of birth is exactly the same as the previous passport.

6. Find a guarantor

  • As noted above in step 2, a guarantor must endorse the back of one passport photo by writing ‘This is a true photo of [the child’s full name]’ and signing in black pen.
  • The guarantor must also sign section 11 of the application form. 
  • Check our guidance on who you can use for a guarantor here

7. Provide evidence of both parents' consent

  • Both parents must give their consent by signing section 17 on the application form.
  • Both parents must have their consent witnessed by a person, who is not related to the child, nor the parents, by birth, marriage, or de facto relationship.
  • The witness must be contactable but does not have to be the same as the guarantor. For example, it can be a friend, neighbour, or colleague.
  • The consent page can be emailed to us as a PDF if the non-lodging parent is overseas.
  • If there has been a name change, we would require a certified copy of the non-lodging parent’s ID to support the consent. 
  • Read more about parental consent here.

8. Make the payment

  • Complete the payment authorisation form
  • Due to exchange rate fluctuations with the Turkish lira, fees for mail in applications are taken in AUD only.
  • See here for current fees.

9. Review the application

  • Before posting your application, review your child renewal application to make sure you have included all of the relevant supporting documents.
  • Do not use staples, paper clips or anything else that may damage your photos.
  • Do not fold your application.
  • Use an A4 sized envelope.

10. Post your application

  • When you’ve completed your application, send your application (preferably with tracking) to:


ATT: Consular and Passports - Applications

Avustralya Büyükelçiliği
Uğur mumcu caddesi
MNG binasi No:88 Kat:7
Gaziosmanpasa Cankaya
ANKARA, Türkiye


Please note the Embassy cannot take responsibility for third party mail/courier providers.

11. How long will it take?

  • Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks to receive a new passport once payment has been taken.
  • Please note that incomplete applications will cause delays.


Frequently asked questions


Can I mail-in a first-time child passport application?

No. First time child applications must be lodged in person at your nearest mission. Applicants aged up to 15 years old who have held a previous passport are eligible to apply by mail.

Do I include the applicant’s previous passport with the application?

No need to send the physical passport

Do I need to include a copy of the applicant’s previous passport bio data page?


Do I need to include a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate?


Do I need to include a copy of the applicant’s citizenship certificate?



Do the photocopies of the parent's IDs need to be certified?



Do I need to provide any certified copies?

No, unless you are providing new supporting documents that were not provided with the child's first application. In this case, please have the photocopy certified by a notary public.


Where do I mail the application to?

ATT: Consular and Passports - Applications

Avustralya Büyükelçiliği
Uğur mumcu caddesi
MNG binasi No:88 Kat:7
Gaziosmanpasa Cankaya
ANKARA, Türkiye


How will I know if/when my application has been received at post? 

Unless you are contacted directly about your passport application and have acknowledgement of payment in your bank records is confirmation your application has been received.

Will the mission post the child’s new passport to me?

The new passport will be posted to the postal address provided on the passport application form (PC8). If your circumstances have since changed, please contact the mission where you mailed your application to discuss alternative options.

What if I cannot access the online portal to complete and print a PC8 application to renew my child’s passports?

Contact us for further advice [email protected]   

What if I need to travel urgently, but already mailed in my renewal application? 
Please contact the mission where you posted your application to discuss options.