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Attaching supporting documents - English translations

Attaching supporting documents

Please ensure that any supporting documents required with your application are attached at time of lodgement or by the next business day following lodgement. A decision may be made at any time after the application is submitted. Do not wait for the department to contact you if information you have provided is insufficient.

If you have not provided information that explains the reasons for your travel and demonstrates your circumstances, a decision may be made to refuse your application.

Please do not send your original passport when lodging a visa application (either online or on paper). You must only provide photocopies of the personal details page of your passport (bio page) and any page with a stamp or label on it. Please do not provide copies of blank passport pages (i.e with no visa labels or entry/exit stamps).

In addition to lodging an application online, you can attach supporting documents to your ImmiAccount and do not need to send physical documents.

Other tips for documents you should consider providing with your application include:

  • Certified Copies (by a notary) must be provided for child custody documents (Birth Certificates, parental consent, parents' marriage/divorce/death certificate etc).
  • Non-Certified photocopies of passports and other supporting documents.
  • The content of any documents or photos must allow the documents or content in an image to be easily read.
  • English translations must be provided (in addition to) documents not in English (Unofficial translations are enough).
  • Written consent if you want another person/agent to act on your behalf, receive information about your application or make enquiries for you. This can be done by completing Form 956 or Form 956A.
  • If the application contains minor children – a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, photocopy of the non-travelling parent's passport (or other photo ID if they do not have a passport) and a completed Form 1229 by any non-travelling parents or legal guardians.
  • Evidence of Travel Insurance if you are over 75 or if you are seeking a long stay visitor visa (3-year validity for parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents.

English translations 

Any document in a language other than English MUST be accompanied by an English Translation.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has moved towards a global visa processing model. This means that any application may be processed in an office other than where it is lodged. It is important that all supporting documents attached to the application which are not in English MUST be accompanied by an English translation.  

Please ensure that when providing an English translation, a copy of the original document is also provided. Failure to provide an English translation of supporting documentation may delay processing and result in the document not being considered as part of the visa application.

Please note that the translation does not have to be certified, however it does need to be accurate. This approach will assist in processing applications expeditiously.

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