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How to Apply for a Visa


Priority will be given to visa applications lodged online using ImmiAccount where this option exists.


How to Apply for a Visa

1. Complete Application Form
Forms can be downloaded from the following link: Forms are in English and need to be completed in English.

2. Pay the Application fee Payment information

3. Lodge a complete application
Clients wishing to apply in person for an Australian visa will need to make an appointment to lodge their application at an AVAC.

To make an appointment at an AVAC, for AVAC contact details and for service fee information, please see:

Personal information and authorising other people
We are unable to discuss visa applications (including reasons for decisions) with friends or relatives. Where a decision is made to refuse to grant a visa, applicants are provided a letter setting out reasons for that decision.

If you wish to authorise a person to act and receive communication on your behalf, you will need to advise us in writing. To authorise a third person / migration agent, or authorised recipient (any person who is not a registered migration agent), please complete form 956 and the relevant portion of your application form.

Completed Applications
It is important that you submit all documentation in support of your application at the time you apply for the visa. If you do not do so, the processing of your application may be delayed, or a decision to refuse to grant you a visa may be made (The Migration Act 1958 provides that a decision may be made on your application at any time on the basis of the available documentation and without any further reference to you).

If you are requested to provide additional information, please make sure that you provide, in writing; your name, surname, and file reference details with this information.

Documents in languages other than English 
Any documents which are required must be submitted in the original or as a certified copy of the original. All documents which are not in English, must be submitted with a certified English translation as a
- a notary public certified translation; or
- translated by translator who is a member of any translators/interpreters association; or
- translated by a translator who is a member of National Accreditation Authority for Translators or Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia
The certificate which shows the documents were translated by an authorized translator having the above qualifications should be attached to the application. 

Additional requirements for children under 18 years of age
In any application for a child under 18 years of age, all people with custody of the child (usually the parents) who are not travelling to Australia with the child must provide a notary public certified consent for the child to travel to Australia.

Progress Enquiries and Advice before the application is made 
The Department of Home Affairs is committed to meeting the service standards published by the Australian Government, in order to provide effective and efficient service to you. See:

We therefore seek your assistance in minimizing follow-up enquiries, and request that you do not make progress enquiries about your application within the service standard period applicable to your application. If, however, you do need to contact our office, see: Post contact details

Please note that under the Department of Home Affairs Code of Conduct, Visa & Immigration office staffs are prevented from giving migration advice or their professional assessment to applicants, on the likely chances of success of any future visa applications. It is only after the application is lodged that the decision-maker may make a careful assessment of the merits of the case.